What is the most popular cake flavour?

This is a question I often ask on my social media pages just to make sure I am offering a good range and choice for my clients. I always ask clients who have made a cake consultation appointment which flavours they would like to try. Most couples like to stick to 'safe' tried and tested flavours on their wedding day. The don't feel brave enough to try an unconventional, new or quirky flavour for their wedding cake and that's absolutely fine. However, when a couple do try something different then I think it can be a real talking point of their wedding celebrations. So what is your favourite flavour? I carried out a poll on favourite cake flavours on Instagram last week and the majority of peo

Veganuary - The Best Vegan Bakewell Tart Cupcake Recipe

Is January the month you've decided to go fully vegan? If it is then are you missing some of your favourite treats? You may be developing new tastes or craving old ones? Well, I'm here to help with the best vegan cupcake recipe for that good old favourite the Bakewell Tart (or Bakewell Pudding if you are from Bakewell). As I'm sure you all know I'm a Wedding Cake, Birthday Cake and Celebration Cake designer based in the South West of Sheffield which is only 11 miles from Bakewell. Believe me I know a good Bakewell Pudding when I see (or taste) one. Why not give this recipe a try even if you are not a fully fledged vegan and I promise you won't be disappointed. This is a firm favourite in o

What is a styled shoot?

One of my favourite things in this job is when I get asked to take part in a styled shoot. If you are unsure what a styled shoot is then think of an editorial fashion shoot but for a wedding. A styled shoot brings many different wedding suppliers together to showcase their work and it allows them to have great photographs for their website, advertising and social media posts. The end goal of a styled shoot is to have it published on either a wedding blog or in a wedding magazine. How do you plan a styled shoot? So before you start to gather a team together you need to have a concept. The shoot I have featured in this blog was a Boho meets Urban shoot. The concept was that you can have a Boho

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