Let Them Eat Cake - Cake Meets Canvas Part 2

"So what about the cakes?" You're asking. Well if you read Cake Meets Canvas Part 1 you'll understand the concept behind the exhibition and you'll have read about the amazing creative friends who collaborated with me to make the exhibition a success. What did I do? As well as designing and creating the exhibition wedding cakes I also baked. In fact, I baked and I baked and I baked! I couldn't invite you all to an exhibition about cake and then not give you any to try now could I? My passion (as well as raw, old, urban buildings and wedding cakes) is inclusion. I think everyone should be able to eat cake and I always ask my wedding cake clients if they have guests with needs that will not be

It's All About Teamwork - Cake Meets Canvas Part 1

Around about this time last year I started to experiment with wafer paper. I loved the way I could make abstract collage effects on cakes and while away the hours making edible paper flowers. I love bright vibrant prints and found myself trawling the internet for cool images that I could use when designing my cakes. Many of the images that attracted me had watermarks across them and of course quite rightly so were subject to copyright! Then I had a lightbulb moment! The images I wanted to reproduce on my cakes were right in front of me on my walls!! My good friend and Sheffield artist Wendy Carlton's work adorned many of the walls in my house. These images inspired me to create cakes with vi

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