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As you all know I create art inspired, unique wedding cakes from my Sheffield base. However, the wedding industry can sometimes get a lot of bad press. People lambast it for being too expensive, or else think that everyone working in weddings thrives on pink fluff, rose petals and unicorns. To my mind, neither of these things are true. I’ve found this industry to be full of driven, inspiring, creative people who are really passionate about what they do. Our business may be in confetti-strewn, happy, smiley events, but damn it we’ve got grit! So, today I wanted to give a shout out to some of the suppliers in my neck of the woods who are doing amazing things. If you’re planning your wedding in

A-Z of Wedding Cakes

The world of wedding planning can be a confusing one at times. Everywhere you turn, you’re faced with seemingly endless options - chiffon or silk; veil or tiara; rustic boho or urban cool; band or DJ; tux or tweed...aaaargh! I’m afraid the decision-making doesn’t stop when you get to selecting your cake. Much as it might be easier to say ‘I want something delicious - make it so!’ to your wedding cake artist, we want to make sure we’re delivering something truly special that exceeds your expectations. Your wedding cake is after all the biggest and most meaningful baked good you’re likely to come across in your life - it’s important to get it right! But knowledge is power, and I’m here to

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