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How Do you Style Your Wedding Cake Area?

Styling your cake area

Hi I am Zoey Louise, from Zoey Louise Design. I am a wedding and event designer and stylist, based in Manchester UK but I travel worldwide curating meaningful personal events. I love pared back elegant design with a modern edge!

I am over here on Lisa’s blog chatting all things cake area styling! For me styling your cake area is a must! It is probably one of my favourite areas to style, you can get creative, have fun and add lots of personality. So I thought the easiest way to show you how to style your cake area as to walk you through and example. So here goes!

Cake area styling Moodboard

First start with a moodboard. Here I went with Lisa’s brand colours monochrome. Monochrome is a huge wedding trend for 2021 (if Corona Virus allows!). I chose to add some grey to soften the harshness that can come from contrasting colours like black and white. Also, I know they are technically pigments but come on who cares. Normally this moodboard when I am designing for clients is a sub board from the main one so the palette and feel will already be decided and the board is showing how we can work within the design but also make the space a statement of its own.

I normally add a picture of the cake sketch if we have this, if not a similar photo of the style we are looking to create.

Wedding cake sketch using Procreate

Add your colour palette for reference, every board I create has the palette included. Then start searching and adding pictures to show any items or pieces you will include in your day. These are the key pieces the rest needs to work with.

Once you have your base of pictures it is time to start thinking about textures, the feel and how to make it a statement area on it’s own. Look past cake styling pictures and look for pictures that have the texture you want or symbolises the feel you want to create. Also think about how to tie in with the rest of the design. Think about items from the ceremony you can reuse. Think about any special items you or family have that would work well with the space but also add meaning to the space.

Adding meaning and personality to the space will make a huge difference to the design. It lifts design as the guests can connect and this means they then feel and importantly remember. It then becomes a memory for you and your guest rather than just another wedding cake area!

The break down

To hopefully help you understand and design your own cake area I have broken down the moodboard above into what items I would source if this were for a wedding or event. Also, if you want something to help you further download my cake area styling guide(add cake link). I always break my areas in to sections.


For above I would use a table but plinths would also work well depending on venue and space. I also chose a table as that is usually what most people use for the cake area. This would be a 4ft rectangular table not a small round. I have had these made and usually take to most weddings as they are the perfect size. I also have some 3ft square ones with lovely wooden tops which are a great choice also. You need the space to add extra items and make it a feature.


I would go with a high quality linen or cotton table cloth with a grey runner. As we will be using the white florals from the ceremony and the cake base is white so this helps this pop more. Ruffling up your chiffon runner will add movement and texture to the design.

Cake stand and containers

Lisa is making a cake and treats. I would use a white cake stand and terrarium holders for the treats. Think about what works well and also practical, I use my terrariums a lot for cake treats but not if a large child guest list. They break easy and children are likely to be grabbing. A mixture of stands work well like below, they are practical but also look great!

The added extras

For this design I would reuse the florals from the ceremony table. Add some candlesticks and tealights. These may be only lit for the cake cutting time and then left for show after. Again, thinking practically. Also think about signs you need and want, make them part of the design using acrylic or wood signs.

Add that wow factor

For this design I am adding Edison lighting above, for me this is the ultimate modern wow to any cake area. It doesn’t have to be something as big as this, adding a large sign as a backdrop, the fabric ones are great will make a huge difference.

Moving your ceremony arch over if you had one, this is a favourite idea of mine and then when the cake is cut we make it into a photo backdrop area.

Lastly, just things to consider. If you are or are not going all out with your cake area really consider where you are placing it. What will be its backdrop, any health and safety sign, extinguishers behind! Seems not important but you don’t want to be looking back at pictures and seeing that every time, would drive me mad anyway! Also, somewhere guests can easily find and see throughout the day but is not in the way allowing guest movement from different parts of the day.

I hope you found this useful and don’t forget to grab my guide (add link). If you are looking for someone to take all that stress away and do the design and set up for you then it would be my pleasure if our styles fit. Send me an email or head over to my website to find out more!

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