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Cake Baking Basics - The Esssential Documents

Cake Baking Basics - The Esssential Documents


You are an amazing creative!


Your passion is baking and creating cakes and sweet treats. You just want to get on with your business and start selling your cakes.


You realise that there is a lot of admin associated with your business but you don't know where to start.


You have scraps of paper everywhere and no real system for recording your essential hygiene checks.


You would like the option to print out logs and checklists.


If this sounds like you, then this booklet is a must.


I know what it is like trying to develop documents to meet food hygiene and business requirements.


I have therefore collected all of the documents I use in my home baking business and put them together as this downloadable pdf ebooklet.


You will find everything from order forms & cakes templates to hygiene checklists and fridge temperature logs. It is a collection of all of your essential documents to run a home baking business.


The pdf format allows you to download multiple sheets and checklists. Whether it is your weekly goals sheet, your weekly time blocking or your annual fridge log.


There is a video to accompany the ebook in Urban Cake Collective where you will also get help and support on your baking business journey.


I'd love feedback once you have used the booklet so it can be adapted and improved. Once you have bought the ebook, you will have free updates as the documentation changes and evolves with any new regulations.


Thanks for downloading and I'll hopefully see you in the Facebook group.


Happy Baking

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